16 Oct

Rally sign: "We are people NOT bargaining chips"

Image courtesy AFL-CIO Blog

On Friday, hundreds of thousands of federal workers received their paychecks – and for many of them, those paychecks were less than half of what they should have been.  

The federal government shutdown has directly impacted families across the country, forcing working families to have to cut back and do without. (Check out the AFL-CIO NOW blog post: “5 Shutdown Stories You Must Read.”)

We don’t think it’s fair that working families should have to put off important decisions just because of partisan gridlock.  That’s why National Labor College will waive the application fee (normally $83) through November 1 for any workers directly affected by the shutdown.

It’s not too late to apply for the upcoming semester starting in January.   Don’t let the government shutdown put off your dream of earning your college degree.  Click here to request your application fee waiver and save $83.