14 Mar

Photo of Joseph Repetto at work

Joseph Repetto of Sheet Metal Workers Local 367

Joseph Repetto of Chicago, Ill., is currently enrolled in the NLC’s Bachelor of Arts in Construction Management Program. We asked him some questions about himself and his time at the NLC. Here’s what he had to say:

NLC: How did you learn about the NLC?
JR: I was introduced to NLC through an information packet sent through my union; Sheet Metal Workers local 367. The accelerated pace of the classes has really taught me about time management and giving that extra effort to achieve your best. My Professor (Steve Krone) takes a personal interest in his student’s success, both inside and outside of the classroom.

NLC: Why did you decide to complete your degree?
JR: I plan to use my degree to expand my job opportunities and to further advance in my company. I would someday like to become a manager in our building and bridge department. I think of where and what I would be doing if the information packet from NLC never came. I would still be thinking about “someday” going back to school. Today, I can say it is a reality.

NLC: What would you like to tell your union brothers and sisters about the National Labor College?
JR: I highly recommend NLC; my experience with on-line learning has been great. The faculty and staff are friendly and professional. My apprenticeship even counted towards college credits. This has been an exciting but challenging time of my life. I look forward to visiting the NLC campus someday; hopefully to pick up my diploma.

NLC: Tell us about your family.
JR: I come from a union family. My mother was a school teacher, my father and brother-in-law were pipefitters, my two sisters are Chicago police officers. If there was a union for stay-at-home moms, my other sister would have joined it. I was a member of Pipefitters Local 597 (Chicago) for 16 years until I hired on with the Union Pacific and had to join Sheet metal Workers Local 367.

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