08 Jun

Bill Hager photo - NLC Scholarship recipient“It’s true — NLC is the ‘West Point’ for labor,” said Bill Hager of the Electrical Workers Local 369.

Bill retired as an electrician, but rather than picking up a fishing pole or tooling around in an RV, he stepped up his efforts to earn his college degree.

Bill started taking classes in 2004 but was sidetracked along the way when he faced personal tragedy and difficult economic circumstances.

It takes a lot of support to be successful—I had that at the National Labor College. I was inspired and encouraged by the instructors.

NLC Values Lifelong Learning

Bill Hager completed his degree at NLC

Because National Labor College values learning obtained outside the classroom,

Bill received credit for time spent in the Navy, for prior OSHA training, and for completing the IBEW apprenticeship program.

“When you have a degree from NLC, you have something you can be proud of. You’ve earned it,” says Bill of Corinth, Kentucky.

Bill will attend the NLC Commencement Ceremony this Spring to receive his degree in Labor Studies. He plans to use his degree helping other union members as a Safety & Health instructor.

This lifelong union member found the labor movement, specifically, National Labor College and the Union Plus Scholarships, to be the keys to making his educational dreams a reality.

Without Union Plus’ help, I would not have been able to finish college.

NLC Scholarships for Union Members

Scholarships for the Fall semester are available to help your dreams of completing a degree come true, make sure you apply by August 6th to qualify for federal financial aid and scholarships.

This was part of the Fulfill Your Dreams at NLC series.