16 Jan

National Labor College will hold a closing convocation and final commencement ceremony on Saturday, April 26 at the Kirkland Center on the College’s campus in Silver Spring.  This will be a chance to celebrate all that the College has accomplished over the years as well as provide an opportunity for our whole community to come together and say good-bye to the campus.

Everyone is invited to attend, and we look forward to seeing our students, our alums, our faculty and staff from across the years, our Board of Trustees, union leaders, Leadership Circle donors, neighbors, and all who make up our dynamic community.  While we say good-bye to the campus and the College, the community will live on in our hearts and it is fitting to unite at the College one last time.

The event will take place on the morning of April 26 and culminate in a luncheon reception. We will post details on the website as they become known as well as send invitations out in February.