Map to Graduation

Graduation map

  • Required Core Courses: Major program requirements and final upper-level credits. (36 credits total)
  • Lower-Level Transfer Credit: 100-200 level, freshman or sophomore college credits with a grade of C or better.  Lower-level credits can also be fulfilled through accepted apprenticeship, military, and partnership credits. (55 credits total)
  • General Education: At least three credits at college level in each area: Arts & Humanities, English Composition, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Mathematics, and Biological & Physical Sciences with a grade of C or better. (At least 15 credits total, can be upper or lower-level)
  • Upper-Level Transfer Credit: 300-400 level, junior or senior college credits with a grade of C or better.  (14 credits total)
  • Prior Learning Assessment (PLA): can be applied to lower-level and/or upper-level categories.  If you do not transfer the maximum 84 credits (70 lower-level and 14 upper-level), PLA may be the course for you.  Please consult an Admissions Counselor or Academic Advisor prior to enrollment.
  • General Education, lower-level, and upper level credits can be transferred in or completed through NLC.

Students will be mailed a transcript evaluation after all transcripts have been sent to NLC.  View a sample transcript evaluation.

Note: The map to graduation above is typical for most students but each student will have a personalized degree plan. Contact your academic advisor for more information.