Student Governance

National Labor College is now a member of the ASGA (American Student Government Association) Last year the NLC faculty and administration endorsed the Stewards Council’s proposal for student governance at NLC and established an election process. The process is intended to work hand in hand with the NLC Stewards Council as a way to give students a greater voice in campus and student affairs.

The College provides a course shell on the NLC Learning Management System called Student Governance and Affairs. This course is set up for all students to “self-enroll” and has separate sections for Student Governance and Stewards Councils forums by term. Each semester the elected body of Stewards Council members will facilitate a forum on the site. Class Officers are granted administrative privileges that allow them to post content into the various sections. The site will be monitored by NLC Director of Academic Advising who also serves as a liaison to faculty and NLC staff.

The governance positions are as follows:

Carrie Biggs-AdamsClass President 2012: Carrie Biggs-Adams
[email protected]

The class president works with alumni and faculty to help inform and enrich the College’s academic environment with student input and perspectives. The class president coordinates the efforts of the chief steward and the newsletter editor to service student grievances. The position may be held for a term of one year. Further terms of service may be obtained if the president is voted in with no opposition by the student body. Should the president not be able to fulfill his/her term for any reason the chief steward will assume the duties of class president.


Dillon TaylorChief Steward 2012: Dillon Taylor
[email protected]

The primary responsibility of the chief steward is to respond to students’ grievances and concerns and work with the stewards, NLC faculty and staff to find a resolution.  The appointment of chief steward is for one calendar year, however, there are no limits to the number of consecutive terms a steward may serve if re-elected.  In the event that the class president must step down, the chief steward provides continuity by taking the now open position. In this case, a new chief steward will be elected.


Johnnie BrewerStudent Newsletter Editor 2012: Johnnie Brewer
[email protected]

The Newsletter Editor collaborates with students, faculty and staff to create a college newsletter. At least one issue will be created each semester, it will be distributed at least one week before semester’s end. The term is for up to one academic year.  This position will be elected by the Stewards Council and the officials will serve for a calendar year.

Stewards Council

The goal of the Stewards Council is to create an effective mechanism for collective student voice at the National Labor College.

Procedures for NLC Online Courses Stewards Council

A volunteer from each class is solicited at the beginning of every semester to serve as the class steward. Those serving as stewards provide their contact information to their classmates and serve as a point of contact for student concerns throughout the semester. Class Stewards then communicate any questions or concerns to other Stewards and NLC Administration through the Stewards Council. While Instructors should always be the first contact for questions about assignments, grading, and other course-related issues, students are always welcome to communicate directly with faculty, staff, advisors, and administrators.