06 Jul

Photo of Francis NevelScholarships Available for Fall at National Labor College

July 4th has come and gone in a burst of fireworks and barbeques with union-made Ball Park Franks and beer.

That means Back to School is just around the corner for the kids, but don’t forget about your educational plans. You still have time to apply for scholarships and federal financial aid for the Fall semester at NLC.

A scholarship was a great help to one recent NLC graduate, Francis Nevel of CWA Local 2201 from Quinton, VA.

Fran, a member of the Communications Workers of America (CWA) graduated from NLC with a double major in Labor Safety and Health and Labor Studies.

Check out the NLC, Says Francis

Fran encourages other union members to follow in her footsteps.

I have loved every minute of my classes. Take classes in something that you are interested in. I have learned so much.

The Benefits of Union Membership

She says that being in a union has helped her family tremendously especially since her husband was unable to work due to a disability.

“Being in a union has given me great peace of mind. Our medical benefits are completely paid for and, with my husband having so many ongoing medical issues, that alone has been a great help,” says Fran.

As a union member, she was eligible for the Union Plus Scholarships, which she found on NLC’s website.

“The scholarship covered my room and board and was a great help to me,” says Fran, who was taking an in-person class. 

Scholarships for the Fall semester are available to help your dreams of completing a degree come true.  Make sure you apply by August 6th to qualify for federal financial aid and scholarships.

This was part of the Fulfill Your Dreams at NLC series.