My name is Edison Fraser. I am a Special Grand Lodge Representative with the IAMAW Transportation Department. When I graduated High School, my intentions were always to go to college. I began working, started a family and just could never find the time or money to enroll in college. One day, I attend a leadership class at the William Winpisinger Education Center and found out that my union, the IAMAW, who is often referred to as the Machinists Union, had a partnership with NLC. It was some of the best news I heard. I immediately made a commitment to myself that if I ever became a full time union representative, I would enroll at NLC.

Fraser Edison, IAMAW

Edison Fraser, IAMAW

In April 2012 I became a full time representative and immediately enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in Labor Studies program. Because of the partnership with my union and NLC, I am now on my way to earning my degree and will graduate before my son goes to college. I have no regrets because I will not only have a degree in the end but I have also been able to better service my members.