05 Sep

Greg Martin on CraneLabor Day weekend held special meaning for nearly 200 union brothers and sisters. In addition to recognizing the social and economic contributions of workers, these union members and leaders could celebrate joining the ranks of labor’s college.


Greg Martin Ironworker

Greg Martin with daughter Renee

For union member Greg Martin, the start of the 2012-2013 NLC academic year marks the culmination of years of deliberation to go back to school. More than three years ago, Greg of Wheat Ridge, Colorado, first considered completing his degree.

At that point, the journeyman ironworker was pushing 50. The physical demands of his job were starting to take their toll, but Greg didn’t want to leave a field that he loved. Unsure of what to do, Greg turned to his business manager for advice. That’s how he learned of National Labor College.

NLC Works for Adult Students

New students like Greg are attracted to the convenience of the online classes, the affordability of the degree programs and the connection to the labor movement, making it easy to translate prior learning and apprenticeships into credit.

Ironworkers in Colorado“NLC is such a good fit for me. It’s all the things that the local community college can’t provide me,” says Greg.

He liked that NLC understands his union and industry and that the finances were manageable for him.

But before he applied, Greg was sure to talk to a coworker who was an NLC alum. After he encouraged him to enroll, Greg was sold.

Greg Martin Photo2A degree from NLC will allow Greg to fulfill his dream:

“I can be with my [union] brothers and be a viable, productive member of this industry.”

To Greg Martin and all of the new students this year, we say:

Welcome to National Labor College where we honor workers every day!