18 Sep

Hazardous Materials TrainingLast month, more than 100 regional peer trainers gathered at National Labor College to participate in a refresher course designed to maintain current skills and to teach new ones.

The Regional Peer Trainer Refresher is an annual event than ensures these trainers are of the highest quality as they carry vital safety information to their coworkers in safety briefings, company-sponsored training sessions and union meetings. Most peer instructors are full-time rail workers and members and/or local officers of affiliated rail unions. The training provides a forum for the exchange of new ideas and information.

Each peer trainer is committed to on-the-job safety having already participated in a rigorous training program provided through the Department of Transportation (DOT) Hazardous Materials Instructors Training. This is part of the Railway Workers’ Hazardous Materials Training Program, which was formed by nine railway unions, including the United Transportation Union. The Hazmat program is a part of the Center for Excellence in Health and Safety at National Labor College, run by director Henry Jajuga.

For more than two decades, the Hazmat Program has been reaching out to rail workers across the country in an effort to fill a training gap that leaves our memberships, who are often first-responders, ill-prepared for emergencies involving hazardous materials.

Those who are interested in receiving hazmat training, becoming a peer-trainer or participating in a refresher course should visit http://www.hazmatgmc.org/ to see the nationwide course schedule or call 301-439-2440.