National Labor College (NLC) is keeping its goals and its spirit alive by designing “Legacy Sites” for its courses and programs.  A Legacy Site is a college or university that shares its purpose to offer high quality education designed by and for members of the labor movement, based on the values that underpin the labor movement.  These values include equal access to high quality education at all levels so that working people may fully realize their potential and education for the advancement of a free and democratic society.

National Labor College Legacy Sites:

Empire State College of the State University of New York

The Joseph S. Murphy Institute for Worker Education and Labor Studies of the City University of New York

Pennsylvania State University, the School of Human Resources and Employment Relations

The School for Workers at the University of Wisconsin Extension

All of these fine institutions offer high quality labor programs taught by world class faculty.  National Labor College is sharing with these legacy institutions all of its courses and programs.  The Board of Trustees of National Labor College recommends these institutions to all members of the labor movement as places where they may find some NLC courses and programs as well as other high quality labor education offerings, in the spirit of National Labor College.