03 Apr

NLC Graduate an Advocate for Worker Safety and Health »

On April 28 – Workers Memorial Day – we pause to remember those workers who have been killed, injured, or made sick at work.

08 Mar

Forward! »

National Labor College held its annual Gala on February 25, at the Buena Vista Hotel in Orlando, Florida, in conjunction with the AFL-CIO Executive Council Meeting.

19 Feb

Diverse Student Body Learns from Each Other at NLC Spring Residency »

This past President’s Day weekend, National Labor College students pursuing their degrees in the School of Labor Studies spent four days together in the intensive residency component of th

13 Feb

Lifetime Learner Relies on National Labor College Education for Inspiration »

“I love to learn!” Not surprising words from a man who has dedicated his life to education.

12 Feb

I Love NLC… »

This Valentine’s Day, we asked faculty, staff, and administration at National Labor College to share with us what they love about NLC.

26 Nov

Vigorous Discussions Highlight NLC Residency Program »

Students research the 1949-50 attempt by the United Tobacco Workers to organize workers at RJ Reynolds.

16 Oct

Union Degree Helps Firefighter Blaze Ahead »

One of the biggest difficulties that union members face is that people don’t understand who we really are, says Mark Fuller of Kansas City, MO.

01 Oct

Earn Credit for Military and Apprenticeship at National Labor College »

“It was tough when I got out [of the military] and I was looking for a job—although I had experience, I didn’t have the licenses to continue working in the private sector in aircrafts

26 Sep

Power of the Pen, Resources for Writers »

Whether it be letters from times past, poems of family life, or stories about the struggles of work, NLC students use the power of the pen to express their ideas and experiences.

24 Sep

Organize or Die! »

“What can Labor do for itself? Labor can organize, it can unify; it can consolidate its forces. This is done, it can demand and command.