12 Jan

Dear NLC Graduates,

Plans are moving along very nicely for your teach-out class’s commencement ceremony coming up on January 30, and we are looking forward to welcoming those of you who are able to attend in person. I want to personally thank Joel Reyes and Anastasia McDowell for thoughtfully volunteering to speak for the class at Commencement, and I would also like to thank all of you who voted for class speaker. I am happy to let you know that you selected Joel Reyes and that we all look forward to his reflections on NLC.

I know that it probably seems odd not to have classwork to complete and many things academic to work into your family, work and union life, now that all of you have completed your degrees. Enjoy your new found freedom and know that everyone at NLC is celebrating your accomplishments and looking forward to Commencement.

Best to all of you in 2016,

Paula Peinovich, President