08 Sep

National Labor College campus was sold the end of July to the Amalgamated Transit Union, so our beautiful and memorable buildings and grounds will stay in the labor family.   ATU plans to move their headquarters there, and to use the campus for its own training programs as well as offering it to other unions, as the College did when the Kirkland Center was open.   The official offices of the College have now moved to the AFL-CIO in downtown Washington D.C. Our new address, which is also on our website, is 815 16th Street, 4th Floor, Washington D.C. 20006.

I am pleased to tell you that there are just over 200 students participating in the teach-out program, which is wonderful.   There are currently about 1300 alums, and I hope that number will swell to 1500 by December of 2015.   Best of all, the College already has some students who are graduating now, at the end of the summer, and many more who are getting ready to graduate in the fall. So, our teach-out is going very well, and congratulations to all of you who made the transition.   It was a tough one, I know, but the payoff will be big for you as you fulfill one of your goals, to complete an NLC degree.

The most frequently asked question the last couple weeks is how to send in transcripts from your summer semester courses.   Please check out the Registrar’s section of this website for specific directions.

The best way to reach me, if you have a question or concern, is to send me an email at [email protected] and include your phone number if you would like a call-back.   All questions about degrees and transcripts are best directed to Jeff Bria at [email protected]