26 Sep

Whether it be letters from times past, poems of family life, or stories about the struggles of work, NLC students use the power of the pen to express their ideas and experiences.

The 2012 NLC Anthology has just been published and is available for download. 

Online Writing Lab: Mentoring Now Available

Writing great pieces like those in the anthology takes creativity, commitment and sometimes a bit of encouragement and guidance from those whose have gone before.

NLC now offers an online writing lab to help students with their writing.

NLC graduate and writer Maria Gallegos is available to meet with students in the online writing lab.

Whether you’re looking for another pair of eyes on a paper or tips on how to receive the Distinguished Paper Award like Maria did, current students should log online to Moodle. Maria’s virtual office hours are:

  • Sundays from 6 to 9 pm EST
  • Wednesdays from 7 to 10 EST

If you have a Moodle login, you can click the link to the left of the main Moodle screen (just under the library link) to self enroll (say yes to the self enroll question).

Student Writing

How is writing creative activism? Read on for a poem included in this year’s writing anthology.

What Kind of America by Jack J Mallory

What kind of America
allowed workers to burn to death behind locked
conducted trials,
found the guilty innocent and apologized for the
allowed workers to be shot to death by police and
conducted congressional hearings,
found no wrongdoing

What kind of America were we
when these things happened?

What kind of America

allows corporate greed and captains of industry
to write the rules,
and break them with impunity

gives rights to all in the name of independence,
then denies them in the name of capitalism

allows the poor, immigrants, infirm and elderly
to live in squalor and fear,
faceless and voiceless

What kind of America are we
is this what we want to be?

To read more student writing, click here for the 2012 NLC Anthology.