The Middle States Commission on Higher Education has approved the teach-out plan for the National Labor College.  This means that NLC will be able to continue to award accredited degrees concluding at the end of the fall term in December of 2015.

Institutions participating in the teach-out include those listed on this chart (if the institution name is highlighted, click on it to view the institutional profile):

Majors Labor Studies Emergency Readiness & Response Management Construction Management Business Administration Associates Degree
Empire State College X X X X X
Thomas Edison State College X X X X
Penn State X
Rowan University X

Important information for NLC students with approved teach-out plans:

1.  Changes to approved Teach Out Plans:  Any change to your current Teach Out plan must be approved by the NLC Registrar.  Contact Jeff at or  to discuss any changes you are considering.  Any courses you take which are not on your approved teach out plan, may not count toward your remaining degree requirements, thus may impact your ability to graduate by the December 31, 2015 deadline to complete an NLC degree.

2. Degree Completion –  You will need to complete all NLC degree requirements by the end of December 31, 2015 in order to receive an NLC degree.   If students are unable to complete all required coursework for the NLC degree by the end of December 2015 they could still complete a degree in a related area of study at the teach-out institution or any other institution of their choosing, but will be bound by the degree requirements of that institution.  Contact Jeff at or to discuss your options if you believe you will not be able to complete your Teach Out requirements by the deadline.

3.  Transfer Credit Back to NLC: You will need to request an official transcript from the teach-out institution at the end of each semester and send it to the Registrar at the National Labor College.   Please send Official transcripts to:

National Labor College
Attn:  Jeff Bria
P.O. Box 189
Cottage Grove, MN  55016

Once your official transcripts have been received, your NLC transcript will be updated to reflect the completion of those courses.

4.  Applying for Graduation from NLC:  Once you have completed all the courses outlined on your approved Teach Out agreement and the transfer credits are applied, a final degree audit will be performed to verify you have completed all requirements, the Registrar will send you an Intent to Graduate form.  The purpose of this form is to  collect the appropriate information necessary to print your NLC diploma.  Once your form has been submitted,  your diploma printed, and the President and Chair of the Board of Directors have signed the diploma it will be mailed to the graduate at the address submitted on the Intent to Graduate from.

Paula Peinovich, President and Jeff Bria, Registrar, will be available throughout the remainder of the teach-out to assist students with completing degrees.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.