09 Aug

**Financial aid deadline extended to August 17th!**

Submit your application by August 17th to be eligible for financial aid, scholarships, and solidarity awards for the fall semester. Solidarity awards are being offered for a limited time only and cover the cost of one 3-credit course (value $915).

It’s your turn to focus on your educational goals and NLC is there to help you complete that degree.

Get more information by visiting www.NLC.edu/Start or call 1‐888‐427‐8100 to speak with an Admissions Counselor.

Applications Now Being Accepted for Fall 2012 Term

Whether you need one more class or are halfway to your college degree, now is the time to enroll in an online degree program with NLC. Apply now at www.NLC.edu/Start to start taking classes this fall and pay a half-price application fee of $35.

Affordable and Flexible for Working Families

With tuition rates even lower than instate schools, NLC is affordable for union families. You can finish your degree in less than two years for about $10,000 without sacrificing the quality of your education.

Professors and staff recognize that students are working adults. NLC’s online approach allows you to balance your course load, work schedule, community, and family.

Gold Standard of Accreditation

NLC is the only regionally accredited higher education institution committed to educating union members and their families, union leaders, and staff. Regional accreditation is nationally recognized as the gold standard of accreditation. This allows students to access federal student aid, transfer credits easily, and move on to graduate programs at top schools.

NLC accepts credits from a combination of courses done at other colleges, or through apprenticeships, military, or other training. Students need to have at least 56 credits to be eligible for financial aid and scholarships.

Education in Solidarity: Complete a Degree or Gain Union Skills

NLC offers college degrees, certificates, and union skills courses all taught from a labor point of view.

Degrees and certificates are offered in:

  • Business Administration
  • Construction Management
  • Emergency Readiness and Response Management
  • Labor Education
  • Labor Safety and Health
  • Labor Studies
  • Union Administration and Leadership

Get more information by visiting www.NLC.edu/Start or call 1‐888‐427‐8100 to speak with an Admissions Counselor.