28 Jan

The President of the National Labor College appointed an Advisory Committee on the NLC Teach-out made up of students, alumni and faculty in order to assure that the plans for the teach-out incorporate the needs and interests of all constituents.  Members of the Committee include:


  • Julie Mendez-DeLeon, Assistant Dean
  • Rob Morriss, Professor, Labor Education and Center for Excellence in Teaching
  • Steve Krone, Professor, Construction Management

Adjunct Faculty

  • Katherine Sciacchitano, Labor Studies
  • Helena Worthen, Labor Studies
  • Roger Blacklow, Labor Studies

Current Students

  • Carrie Biggs-Adams (CWA), Labor Studies
  • Jake Myers (UA), Construction Management
  • Andie Rodriguez (SMART), Business Administration


  • Vicky O’Leary (Ironworkers), Union Leadership & Administration/Labor Education/Labor Studies
  • Marc Norberg (SMART), Labor Studies
  • James Bowling, Sr (IBEW), Labor Safety & Health

The Advisory Committee has met twice to review criteria for selecting institutions to partner with for the teach-out process as well as to review specific institutions.  There are several factors that the committee considered as it selected institutions for the teach-out.  The first consideration is at the institutional level.   We want to partner with reputable and regionally accredited institutions that serve adult learners, and that have programs that are closely aligned with those at the National Labor College, and that offer high quality online programs and student services. We  also prefer to partner with institutions that are, if not unionized, are union friendly, as evidenced by courses or programs in labor studies, as well as professors with a labor background.  Secondly, we must consider transferability of Prior Learning Credit (PLA), union partnership credit, apprenticeship programs and other American Council on Education (A.C.E) evaluated programs, such as military training or business/industry training. Tuition costs are also important considerations.

In the update last week, we indicated that Empire State College, Penn State and the University of Illinois were likely to be included in the teach-out , and indeed they have been selected.  Additionally, Thomas Edison State College has been selected as well, since it meets the criteria set forth by the committee.  At this time the committee has identified four institutions that offer the best options for all of our students:

Majors Labor Studies Emergency Readiness & Response Management Construction Management Business Administration Associates Degree
Empire State College X X X X X
Thomas Edison State College X X X
Penn State X X
University of Illinois X

The President and the Provost are currently working with these institutions on specific agreements and articulation plans.  We hope to have these arrangements completed, reviewed and approved by the NLC faculty and Board of Trustees by early March. We will continue to post updates as new information becomes available.